Thriller SFX was established by Mehboob in 1988. Today, after 18 years of determination, sheer hard work, Mehboob’s valuable technical experience and his team’s skill.

Thriller SFX is an exceptional name in special effects for Movies, Events, Stage Shows, Concerts, Awards Ceremonies, TV Commercials, Product Launches and much more.

Thriller SFX emphasizes on subtle moments, dramatic scenes inspiration, sustaining exhilarating action and highlight electricfingencores. Mehboob and his highly professional technicians pack decades of experience in providing comprehensive services the world over with unbeatable safety record.

Thriller Special SFX is proud of its past accomplishments which have established it as market leader in the production of Special Effects. The people at Thriller Special SFX, however, are all the more pleased to invite you to join them in an even more distinguished future.

From a small movie on a tight budget to world-class projects, we can provide the special effects you need at the friendly prices you want.

Thriller Special SFX is an official LICENSE holder for performing these effects & stunts.

We perform in a lot of international shows worldwide.

Thriller Special SFX has offices in all four metor with a 24/7 dedicated staff to provided services at all times.

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